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Latest Unit Trusts News - 1

Mon 06 June 2022 6 months ago

Our performance measure tool had pick up a 6% surge in price of Naviga WW Flexible FoF this week , followed on the upside by string Satrix ETFs returning around 5% each. Good to see the Satrix INDI performing well.

The gold, a darling commodity safe heaven in times like Ukraine situation as observed through Old Mutual Gold Fund , the fund trended this past week by huge 7% . The balanced Imalivest knock 4% of its NAV value.

Fri 25 March 2022 8 months ago
The is hush hush news that Absa and Sanlam are combining thier asset managemnt business to created the largest manco with asset under management. The new entity will be called Sanlam Investment Holdings.
Wed 16 February 2022 10 months ago
Mergers and other consolidations are moving very fast in the unit trusts industry , one activity we like to report it is the rebranding of Prudential Investments to M & G Investment. This renaming happened after the Engiand-based M & G bought a majority stake of Prundential Investments.
Tue 18 January 2022 11 months ago
Stanlib , the asset management company born of Standard Bank and liberty combining thier asset management business has spinoff its entire index funds to a new boutique entity 1vest.
Thu 01 January 1970 54 years ago