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SA – Multi Asset – Low Equity Unit Trust Funds Fact Sheets

Stonewood Guarded Fund
Stonewood Temperate Fund
27Four Stable FoF
4D Cautious FoF
Abax SA Absolute Fund
Absa Absolute Fund
Absa Inflation Beater Fund
Absa Multi Managed Preserver FoF
Adviceworx Inflation + 2-3% FoF
Alex Forbes Conservative Passive Fund
Alex Forbes Stable FoF
Allan Gray Optimal Fund
Allan Gray Stable Fund
Ampersand CPI + 2 FoF
Analytics Cautious FoF
Anchor Diversified Stable Fund
APS Cautious Fund
Argon Absolute Return Fund
AS Forum Cautious FoF
Ashburton Targeted Return Fund
Assetbase CPI 2 FoF
Assetmix Conservative Fund
Aureus Nobilis Cautious Fund
Autus Stable Fund
BCI Best Blend Cautious Fund
Bovest Conservative FoF
Brenthurst Cautious FoF
Bridge Stable Growth Fund
Cadiz Stable Fund
Capita Cautious Fund
Celtis Conservative FoF
Corion Stable Fund
Coronation Balanced Defensive Fund
Counterpoint Cautious Fund
Denker SA Stable Fund
Dinamika Conservative FoF
Discovery Cautious Balanced Fund
Discovery Conservative Dynamic Asset Optimiser FoF
Dotport Cautious FoF
Dynasty Wealth Preserver Fund
Edge Cautious FoF
Element Real Income Fund
FG Venus Cautious FoF
Financial Fitness Stable FoF
FNB Stable FoF
Graviton Low Equity Fund
Hollard Strategic Defensive FoF
Instit Stable FoF
Ninety One Cautious Managed Fund
Investhouse Cautious Fund
Kagiso Stable Fund
Kruger Prudential Fund
Lynx Cautious FoF
Momentum Target 3 FoF
Montrose Cautious FoF
Moore Stable FoF
Multi Asset Balanced Defensive Fund
Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund
NeFG Income Provider Fund
NFB Stable Fund
Noble PP Strategic Income FoF
Oasis Balanced Stable FoF
Oasis Crescent Balanced Stable FoF
Octagon Cautious FoF
Old Mutual Capital Builder Fund
Old Mutual Core Conservative Fund A
Old Mutual Multi Manager Cautious FoF
Old Mutual Real Income Fund
Old Mutual Stable Growth Fund
Optimum Stable Fund
PBI Conservative FoF
Personal Trust Conservative Managed Fund
PFPS Cautious FoF
Platinum Income Provider FoF
Plexus Wealth Conservative Fund
Point3 Conservative FoF
PPS Conservative FoF
Prime Cabernet Stable FoF
PrivateClient Low Equity Fund
Prudential Inflation Plus Fund
PSG Stable Fund
PSG Wealth Preserver FoF
PWS Cautious FoF
Quantum Capital Plus FoF
Quattro Cautious FoF
Rebalance Cautious FoF
Rezco Stable Fund
Roxburgh Conservative FoF
S-BRO Defensive FoF
SA Asset Management Cautious Fund
Sanlam Multi Manager Cautious FoF
Sanlam Multi Manager Conservative FoF
Sanlam Multi Manager Defensive FoF
Sasfin Stable Fund
Satrix Low Equity Balanced Index Fund
Seed Stable Fund
Select Manager Cautious FoF
Signature Stable FoF
SIM Inflation Plus Fund
Skyblue Kimberlite Cautious FoF
Southern Charter Defensive FoF
Stanlib Balanced Cautious Fund
Stanlib Multi Manager Low Equity FoF
Stanlib Multi Manager Defensive Balanced Fund
Stewart Absolute Return Blend FoF
Sygnia CPI + 2% Fund
Sygnia Skeleton Balanced 40 Fund
Tresor Stable Fund
Wealth Associates Cautious FoF
Wealthworks Cautious FoF
These funds invest in a spectrum of investments in the equity, bond, money, or property markets. These funds tend to display reduced short term volatility, aim for long term capital growth and can have a maximum effective equity exposure (including international equity) of up to 40% and a maximum effective property exposure (including international property) of up to 25% of the market value of the fund. The underlying risk and return objectives of individual funds may vary as dictated by each funds mandate and stated investment objective and strategy.
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