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SA – Interest Bearing – Variable Term Unit Trust Funds Fact Sheets

Absa Bond Fund
Absa Inflation Linked Income Fund
Absa Multi Managed Bond Fund
Alex Forbes Pure Fixed Interest Fund
Allan Gray Bond Fund
Anchor Bond Fund
Argon Flexible Income Fund
Ashburton Govi Tracker Fund
Ashburton Multi Managed Bond Fund
Community Growth Gilt Fund
Coronation Bond Fund
Fairtree Albi Plus Fund
Melville Douglas Bond Fund
Momentum Bond Fund
NewFunds Govi ETF
NewFunds Ilbi ETF
Oasis Bond Fund
Old Mutual Bond Fund
Portfoliometrix Bond FoF
Prudential High Yield Bond Fund
Satrix Bond Index Fund
SIM Bond Plus Fund
Stanlib Bond Fund
Sygnia All Bond Index Fund
These funds invest in bonds, fixed deposits and other interest-bearing securities. These funds may invest in short, intermediate and long-dated securities. The composition of the underlying investments is actively managed and will change over time to reflect the manager's assessment of interest rate trends. These funds offer the potential for capital growth, together with a regular and high level of income. These funds may not include equity securities, real estate securities or cumulative preference shares.
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