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Global – Multi Asset – High Equity Unit Trust Funds Fact Sheets

Alex Forbes Strategic Global Balanced Feeder Fund
Allan Gray-Orbis Global FoF
Ashburton Global Flexible Fund
Coronation Global Managed Feeder Fund
Discovery Global Multi Asset Fund
Ninety One Global Strategic Managed Feeder Fund
Momentum International Balanced Feeder Fund
Nedgroup Investments Core Global Feeder Fund
PPS Global Balanced FoF
Prime Renaissance Global Best Ideas Feeder Fund
Sanlam Global Balanced FoF
Sharenet Global Balanced FoF
These funds invest in a spectrum of investments in the equity, bond, money, or property markets. These funds tend to have an increased probability of short term volatility, aim to maximise long term capital growth and can have a maximum effective equity exposure (including international equity) of up to 75% and a maximum effective property exposure (including international property) of up to 25% of the market value of the fund. The underlying risk and return objectives of individual funds may vary as dictated by each funds mandate and stated investment objective and strategy.
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