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Global – Multi Asset – Flexible Unit Trust Funds Fact Sheets

Amity Global Diversified FoF
Anchor Global Capital Plus Feeder Fund
APS Global Flexible Feeder Fund
Assetbase Global Flexible FoF
Bluealpha Global Equity Fund
Bridge Global Managed Growth Feeder Fund
Coronation Global Emerging Markets Flexible Fund
FG International Flexible FoF
Foord International Feeder Fund
Global Opportunity Fund
Kruger Global Fund
Lynx Global Diversified FoF
Marriott International Growth Feeder Fund
Nedgroup Investments Global Flexible Feeder Fund
PSG Global Flexible Feeder Fund
PSG Wealth Global Moderate Feeder Fund
Select Manager Global Moderate FoF
Skyblue Solar Flexible FoF
Sygnia International Flexible FoF
These funds invest in a flexible combination of investments in international equity, bond, money, or property markets. The funds have complete or stipulated limited flexibility in their asset allocation both between and within asset classes, countries and regions. These funds are often aggressively managed with assets being shifted between the various markets and asset classes to reflect changing economic and market conditions to maximise total returns over the long term.
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