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Funds by C Unit Trust Funds Fact Sheets

Cadiz Absolute Yield Fund
Cadiz Global Flexible FoF
Cadiz Balanced Fund
Cadiz Equity Fund
Cadiz Money Market Fund
Cadiz Enhanced Income Fund
Cadiz Stable Fund
Caleo Active Income Fund
Caleo Balanced FoF
Caleo Equity Fund
Capita Balanced Fund
Capita Cautious Fund
Capita Real Income Fund
Capstone Balanced Fund
Cartesian Money Market Fund
Catalyst Flexible Property Fund
Catalyst Global Real Estate Feeder Fund
Catalyst SA Property Equity Fund
Celtis Conservative FoF
Celtis Flexible FoF
Celtis Managed FoF
Centaur Balanced Fund
Centaur Flexible Fund
Central Fundisa Fund
Citadel SA 20 20 Equity Fund
Clucasgray Equilibrium Fund
Clucasgray Equity Fund
Clucasgray Future Titans Fund
Cohesive Capital Flexible Fund
Cohesive Capital Worldwide Flexible Fund
Colourfield Equity Fund
Community Growth Equity Fund
Community Growth Gilt Fund
Consilium Worldwide Flexible Fund
Cordatus Balanced Fund
Cordatus Worldwide Flexible FoF
Cordatus Worldwide Flexible Fund
Coreshares Scientific Beta Multi Factor ETF
Coreshares Top 50 ETF
Corion Growth Fund
Corion Stable Fund
Coronation Balanced Defensive Fund
Coronation Balanced Plus Fund
Coronation Bond Fund
Coronation Capital Plus Fund
Coronation Equity Fund
Coronation Financial Fund
Coronation Global Capital Plus Feeder Fund
Coronation Global Emerging Markets Flexible Fund
Coronation Global Equity Select Feeder Fund
Coronation Global Managed Feeder Fund
Coronation Global Opportunities Equity Feeder Fund
Coronation Global Strategic Usd Income Feeder Fund
Coronation Industrial Fund
Coronation Jibar Plus Fund
Coronation Market Plus Fund
Coronation Money Market Fund
Coronation Optimum Growth Fund
Coronation Property Equity Fund
Coronation Resources Fund
Coronation SA Equity Fund
Coronation Smaller Companies Fund
Coronation Strategic Income Fund
Coronation Top 20 Fund
Counterpoint Balanced Plus Fund
Counterpoint Cautious Fund
Counterpoint Enhanced Income Fund
Counterpoint Dividend Equity Fund
Counterpoint Moderate Fund
Counterpoint Value Fund
Cratos Worldwide Flexible Fund
CS Aggressive Prudential FoF
CS Flexible FoF
CS Prudential FoF
CS Worldwide Flexible FoF
Funds by C
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